Hydrocarbon Stabilizer Results

Here at RPS Environmental, one of our more popular products is our hydrocarbon stabilizer.

Hydrocarbons come in a variety of forms. They may be gases (methane and propane), liquids (hexane and benzene), waxes (paraffin wax), or polymers (polyethylene and polystyrene). Hydrocarbons can be processed to create plastics.

Our hydrocarbon stabilizer is usually used to remediate crude oil spills, gasoline spill cleanup jobs, and other fuel spills like diesel spill cleanup, aviation fuel (high octane gasoline for piston powered planes) or jet fuel spills (basically kerosene) and other fuel oils.

The photos below are from our cleanup of a 300 gallon diesel fuel spill on gravel. We applied a top spray application several hours after the spill occurred.

Diesel on gravel BEFORE

Diesel on gravel BEFORE

Diesel spill on gravel AFTER

Diesel spill on gravel AFTER

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